How it works


  • Connectivity

    Data reported by each asset are collected in the Cloud, analyzed from GECO analytic software and translated into effective reports.

  • Geolocalization

    Every asset is able to communicate its own position and to show any unauthorized moves, allowing the user to watch for potential theft.

  • Assets Management

    Even assets already on the market can take advantage of GECO platform. Hotspot function is available for assets placed at the same selling point.

  • Maintenance

    Real time malfunction alert and remote commands guarantee timely service and avoid useless and expensive interventions onsite.

  • Sales Management

    Data transmitted include information connected to the sales. The analysis of the performance allows to organize the best allocation of assets.

  • Consumer Engagement

    An APP allows the asset to interact with potential consumers, automatically sending promotional messages.

Worldwide service

One Global SIM

A single global SIM to access a worldwide service.

Flat Cost Worldwide

Flat cost regardless of different network carriers' tariffs.

Maximum flexibility

Full control of the SIM with the option of switching it On/Off.


A comprehensive solution able to manage the assets so that they will be a consistent source of benefits in terms of increased sales and decreased costs.

  • geolocalization and tracking
  • reports on functionality and estimates of sale
  • notices of malfunction and alarms in real time
  • remote management
  • control of energy consumption
  • consumer’s engagement

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